What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions?

What Will Your 2017 Story Look Like?

Let’s find out using the Desire Map framework.   

         Resolutions Out.  Revolutions In.   Let’s Rock 2017.

The Desire Map Level 1 workshop is a program for clarifying what you truly want, in every area of your life.  Based on the besteller by Danielle Laporte, The Desire Map, we get straight to the heart of the matter:  How do you want to feel?  At the end of this workshop you will walk away with your core-desired feelings and use those to guide your life decisions in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships, and your life in general.  Level 2 of the Desire Map takes it a step further.  You use your newly discovered core-desired feelings to set goals on achieving how you want to feel.

I am offering the following:

Group Coaching: (2 or more individuals) – Includes 6 hours of Desire Map Coaching over a 6 week period – $130 (support in between) – virtual – includes the Desire Map workbook.

Individual Coaching:  Includes 6 hours of Desire Map coaching over a 6 week period – $275 – (support in between) – virtual – includes the Desire Map workbook.

Career Coaching Intensive:  Discovering Your Career – Includes Meyers Briggs Type Inventory (personality assessment) & Strong Interest Inventory – plus Level 1 & Level 2 of the Desire Map process (uncovering your core-desired feelings and setting goals).  This intensive is accomplished over 3 to 4 months (sixteen -1 hour sessions with email support in between) – $720 pay in full (includes the Desire Map workbook, MBTI/Strong Combo assessments, MBTI Type booklet, Where Do I Go Next booklet).


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